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"Maria by Callas" Exhibition

In 2017, the Callas Foundation presented "Maria by Callas", an exhibition in partnership with the Departmental Council of the "Hauts de Seine" at "La Seine Musical", curated by its President, Tom Volf, director of the film “Maria By Callas” and author of "Maria by Callas" at éditions Assouline, Callas Confidential at éditions de La Martinière, and Maria Callas: Memoirs and Letters at éditions Albin Michel.

In the auditoriums of Seine Musicale, the life and legend of modern opera was presented along with unpublished archives. Photos, films, private recording of her concerts, letters, interviews, backstage images of her performances, stage costumes and iconic objects, the whole scattered across 800 sqm , offered a new outlook on the diva who reformulated vocal interpretation while creating the buzz on the social scene.

The exhibition run from September to December 2017 and attracted more than 30.000 visitors.

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